Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Using Social, Mobile, and Cloud ERP Strategies in Professional Services to Deliver Value

Professional services firms are faced with a variety of unique challenges that can hinder their success. They are tasked with collaborating with clients to complete projects that will improve their clients' organizations and bottom line. Of course, this means they are especially subject to changing expectations and project plans. Additionally, this means employees are often deployed in the offices of the client. At the same time, a professional services organization's employees are the actual product. The organization must effectively distribute resources and promote knowledge sharing in order to standardize quality and minimize the impact of employees that leave the organization. When dealing with these unique obstacles and circumstances, visibility, collaboration, and agility are extremely important. Past Aberdeen research has illustrated the ways in which Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has helped professional services organizations to standardize processes, cut costs, and promote efficiency. This report, based on data collected from 82 professional services organizations, will demonstrate how professional services are combining social, mobile, and cloud strategies with ERP to collaborate internally and externally and deliver more value.

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