Monday, November 12, 2012

Native vs. HTML5 Mobile App Development: Which Option is Best?

Get an in-depth look at the pros and cons of native versus HTML5 apps, and gain a better understanding of which option is best suited to your business objectives. In an informative white paper from Appcelerator, explore the variances in user experience, performance, monetization, cross-platform deployment costs, developer availability, distribution control--and more.

Download the white paper and discover:
  • Why native apps win in terms of functionality and performance, but fall short when it comes to expenditure, timeliness of updates, and programmer accessibility
  • How to accurately evaluate the cost benefits of HTML5 by understanding challenges such as browser fragmentation and varied support
  • Which use cases make the most sense for an HTML5-based app
  • Which new choice in app technology offers lower costs and deployment across multiple platforms--without sacrificing user experience
Knowing the key differences among application choices is the first step to ensuring a successful entry into the mobile world. Make sure your business is up to speed on all sides of the issue. Download the white paper now to get the full story.

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