Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marketing's Mandate: Know Your Customers To Deliver Exceptional Brand Experiences And Cross- Channel Engagement

Customers don't just compare you with your direct competitors. Their expectations are set by companies that engage them in relevant, personalized ways that draw them to the brand experience and create loyalty to the brand. A retailer can offer deals on the type of clothing a customer buys most frequently, or a hotel can greet guests by name and remember their pillow preferences. The role of marketing leaders is to make sure they connect the dots across touch points so that every part of the organization is aware of and enabled to fulfill the promise of the brand throughout the entire customer life cycle.

To assess the readiness of companies to achieve this requirement in today's environment, IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct and analyze a survey of 395 business leaders across commerce-related roles, including 93 marketing leaders, in the United States and the United Kingdom. The study assessed how these professionals are responding to today's changing business environment and the role they see enterprise technology solutions playing in their ability to adapt their marketing team to handle this new level of customer expectations.

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