Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Online Publishing: Optimizing and Monetizing Content for a Global Audience

In response to six consecutive years of decline in its traditional advertising pool, the print industry has been developing innovative digital products and revenue streams. In an era when a digital presence is essential for survival, publishers must address some key concerns, including monetization of digital channels, targeting relevant content and advertising, and creating brand intimacy with a fragmented, multi-platform audience.

To ensure maximum exposure to a distributed, global audience, all viewing experiences - whether text, video or other rich media - must be optimized for distribution across a variety of channels. This webinar will explore strategies for publishing content in a multiscreen/ multiplatform world. How are publishers dealing with a variety of d ifferent publishing and distribution workflows for different types of content? And how are many evolving into integrated distribution?

What Will Be Discussed:
  • How publishers can optimize and monetize their content.
  • How content publishers can evolve strategies to ensure they're discovered.
  • The possibilities for partnering and the value it can offer.
  • The value of pushing content to a website and social channels in the same workflow.

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