Thursday, October 25, 2012

Accidents Happen: Backing Up Your Business in the Cloud

You've moved your business to the cloud and all is going well. Then it happens. The disgruntled employee who just quit wiped out all of his docs, contacts, and email before heading for the door. Now what? Your provider has a recovery plan for its disasters, but not for yours. Did you just see a dozen projects evaporate without a trace?

That's just one worrisome scenario. Accidental deletions, botched syncs and corrupted files are not just lost data, they're lost business. Fortunately, a new group of companies is filling the gap, providing tools that can restore lost or corrupted data instantaneously and put it back where it should be. The cloud equivalent of a continual taped backup, these companies can restore data, recreate folder structure and ensure that your bus iness survives a disaster and is back on course in minutes.

In this webinar, they'll discuss the importance of finding a suitable cloud backup solution as well as what features you might need and how to ensure your data's security.

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