Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marketing Asset Management Best Practices Benchmark Reports

This report looks at the reasons to implement Marketing Asset Management (MAM) solutions, the ways in which MAM helps to address obstacles to global marketing, and the challenges associated with implementing a MAM solution. It seeks to guide marketers as they make key decisions related to MAM, including those related to deploying the right enabled technologies, business process, organizational resources and performance metrics to track and measure success.

Find out how Top Performers use Marketing Asset Management:
  • Increase marketing relevance and personalization
  • Provide more autonomy and control over local markets
  • Improve marketing cycle-time
What's inside?
  • Top 3 reasons Top Performers use Marketing Asset Management
  • Top 3 tactics Top Performers use to outperform peers with Marketing Asset Management
  • Most common challenges Top Performers face with Marketing Asset Management
  • Top 5 Performance Metrics Top Performers use to measure the success of Marketing Asset Management initiatives

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