Monday, April 11, 2011

Make Every Second Count: Time Management Tips and Techniques for More Success with Less Stress Free Book Summary

In this summary you will learn
  • How to schedule your time
  • What to-do lists to use
  • How to handle information overload
  • What online resources can help you operate more efficiently
  • How to accomplish your goals in the time that you have
Why you should read Make Every Second Count

Dilbert, Scott Adams' sad sack cartoon antihero, is the modern-day Everyman. Micromanaged and overworked, Dilbert seldom gets what he needs â€" especially time. A recent commercial includes this voice mail for Dilbert: “You have 947 messages...all urgent.” And he is not alone. Men's Health magazine recently reported that the average Fortune 1000 worker deals with 178 messages daily â€" more than 22 messages every hour. Today, few people have the time to manage their multiple responsibilities and tasks. People need to learn how to use their time more efficiently. Business author Robert W. Bly teaches you how. getAbstract recommends his guide for its abundant useful tips and techniques for optimizing your productivity, enhancing your performance and becoming more efficient.

About the author

Robert W. Bly
is the author of 75 books. More than 65,000 subscribers receive his online newsletter, "The Direct Response Letter."

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