Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maintaining Oracle Standards Free Chapter from Oracle Database 11g - Underground Advice for Database Administrators

As a DBA you will be expected to draft and control different standards, as they pertain to an Oracle database. Some of the best standards are the ones that have a wide adoption rate, and which are easily understood and well-documented. Standards are intended to grease the various gears of a team so that they work together with less friction. Standards will also make a DBA's life easier in the long run, safer for all those involved, and more efficient, because time isn't spent reinventing or rewriting a process that wasn't based on a standard in the first place.

This chapter outlines several standards for the major tasks that most DBA's are expected to perform: installation, configuration, and the maintenance of Oracle software. Expect the standards that you adopt to change gradually over time as technology improves and to reflect changes within your organization.

Packt Enterprise books can be summed up through the tagline "Professional Expertise Distilled". They take in-the-trenches knowledge from experienced software professionals, and distil it into a single, easy to follow manuscript.

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