Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gear Up for Success: 8 Steps to Get Sales & Marketing Cranking in Unison Free 27 Page eBook

To date, sales and marketing have managed to get by, largely by doing end runs around each other. But changes in the B2B selling environment â€" namely that the buyer is in control and holding sales reps at arm's length â€" have made it more urgent than ever to get sales and marketing truly working as one.

The classic lack of alignment between sales and marketing is threatening the livelihood of many B2B organizations. That's because today's buyers are seeking more than solution providers â€" they're looking for trusted advisors who understand their challenges and goals and can help them move smoothly down the path to purchase. Sales and marketing need to sell the way their target audience wants to buy. And achieving complete sales and marketing alignment is the key to connecting with today's prospects. In creating this eBook, Stephanie culled insights from blog posts and articles online, and interviewed leading experts for ideas and recommendations you can put into play today. Discover concrete ways you can better align your sales and marketing teams â€" and engage prospects and convert them into customers.

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