Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Top Floor to Shop Floor: Business Insight for Discrete Manufacturing Industry

To drive better business visibility and improve overall performance, companies across all industries are increasingly turning to Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Aberdeen's May 2009 benchmark report, Executive Dashboards: The Key to Unlocking Double Digit Profit Growth, demonstrated that a subset of companies competing in the discrete manufacturing industry are increasingly turning to business tools like BI to generate better business insight, anticipate changing market conditions, and make timely adjustments to address current business pain points. This Aberdeen Sector Insight specifically examines discrete manufacturing companies. The research demonstrates that while most organizations have a reporting based business intelligence strategy, many lack the ability to escape the gravity well of becoming data rich while remaining information poor. The research will highlight how leading companies and their key decision makers close this maturity gap to eliminate the obstacles that hinder their ability to make better business decisions and impact their companies' key metrics.

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